Catherine is a writer, director, editor working with the likes of Smuggler, GoodStory Films, All Day Every Day, The Moon Unit, Uber Content, Droga5. Her most serious pursuit is ensuring any given world is depicted convincingly, cohesively, and wherever appropriate, correctly.  

She recently directed and scored a digital mini-doc campaign for Chompies Arizona Deli, which was cited as best YouTube-based ad campaign by the Phoenix New Times. The series got informal props from Wes Anderson who compared it to his film, Moonrise Kingdom. One of her feature scripts was selected by IFP’s Film Forum Emerging Narrative’s Program, The Deserter. Then, Michael Haneke gave her some solid notes on it. So that was pretty cool.

Her latest, a thriller (Marblehead), was nominated for the 2013 Nantucket Screenwriter’s Colony and was a double semi-finalist for the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition simultaneously with The Deserter. Catherine received a DGA 2007 Student Film Award for her narrative short Mia

Favorite movies: Blade Runner, Blue Velvet, Legend, Alien, Aliens, Terminator II, The Seventh Continent, Drive, Adaptation, and Spirited Away.  Her favorite book might be Crash. Yeah.

She is currently working on a mystery thriller dedicated to her Panhandle upbringing, entitled Pensacola, Fla.  The protagonist is an alter ego named after the writer. 

Her next big project involves her recently possible childhood dream: being an animal.  Check back for updates.