Catherine Rehwinkel takes [sic] a lot in, and her [sic] output is decent.  Being engaged, fair, and modest in the pursuit of highest mutual benefit is important. 


Got a puppy and a sister and a kitten, 1990

Montessori Cooperative Early School 1987-1990

Discovered yoga, 1988

Tennis Lessons, 1989

Tallahassee Natural History Museum Camp 1990-1995 

Coventry Farms Riding School 1990-1997

Stubbs Music Center Production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Piano, painting lessons, 1991-1996 

Tallahassee Democrat Wildlife Poetry Contest, 2x Winner 1997, 1998

Experienced either aliens, poltergeist, or a directed sound weapon with other witnesses, 1997

Best Overall Musician, Trinity Catholic Band (Clarinet), 1997

Got into haiku and free form poetry, 1996

Private Singing Lessons with sister via Rogers & Hammerstein oeuvre gem The Sound of Music

More Tennis Lessons, 1998

Guitar lessons 1999

Trinity Catholic Track Team (Long Jump, 100M Hurdles, 100M sprint) 1998-2000

1st Catholic School Demerit (for doing a single chin up on 7th grade classroom doorframe), 1999

Received Confirmation Rites, Christened with Self-selected Saint Name "Damian"

Ran track alongside Ernie Simms and Antonio Cromartie

AAU Junior Olympic Games, Track & Field, 4x100M Relay, Orlando, FL 2000

Took AP World History, AP Language, AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Macroeconomics, 2003

Leon Crew Women's Varsity Eight Stroke, Team Captain, 2001-2004

Totally lost sense of God, 2004

F School

Director's Guild of America Student Film Award, 2007 

Moved to NYC, 2008

Michael Haneke read and gave notes on feature screenplay, The Deserter, in German, on a plane to Vienna, 2010

Creative Assisting to a Director 2009-2014

Ghostwriting Treatments and Pitches 2009-present

Okinawan Ryu-go, 2010

Script-hawking in Cannes 2010, 2011

Applied to be Coen Brothers' assistant but then their assistant decided to not leave after-all. 

Heard from a mutual friend that Wes Anderson said one of my films reminded him of his yet-to-be-released film, Moonrise Kingdom, 2011

Went to Vietnam, considered moving there, 2012

Wrote Marblehead, and didn't finish Pensacola, FL

Re-discovered Yoga, 2013

Allison Latz arranged for me to have a master class on feature script supervising from Martin Scorsese's long-time script supervisor, Martha. It was cool. 

Script supervised a modern noir film shot on location in Buffalo, NY. 

Interactive Telecommunications Program 2014 - 

Designed, project managed a haptic bike navigation system, 2014

Built a "spacetime-perception box" for the head, 2015

Prototyped a pigeon-counter to celebrate pigeons, 2015

Created a plausible future scenario for the United States, 2015

Started Semi and the New Church, 2015


NLE (Avid, FCP, Premiere)

Cine/photography & composition

Lighting and production design

Ink & Watercolor line drawings (miniature)  

Can run down the beach on all fours faster than you.  

Can ask my cat a specific question and determine to which part she understood/responded. 

Party & interaction design


TVC and interactive treatment-writing