Catherine Rehwinkel takes [sic] a lot in, and her [sic] output is decent.  Being engaged, fair, and modest in the pursuit of highest mutual benefit is important.  Has worked in production since age 12.  




Got a puppy and a sister and a kitten, 1990

Montessori Cooperative Early School 1987-1990

Discovered yoga, 1988

Tennis Lessons, 1989

Tallahassee Natural History Museum Camp 1990-1995 

Stared into the eyes of a Florida Red Wolf

Coventry Farms Riding School 1990-1997

Stubbs Music Center Production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Piano, painting lessons, 1991-1996 

Accepted into the Gifted program where, feuding with the computer boys,  I refused to learn Javascript early, when it would have been easy

Tallahassee Democrat Wildlife Poetry Contest, 2x Winner 1997, 1998

Experienced either aliens, poltergeist, or a directed sound weapon with other witnesses, 1997

Best Overall Musician, Trinity Catholic Band (Clarinet), 1997

Got into haiku and free form poetry, 1996

Private Singing Lessons with sister via Rogers & Hammerstein oeuvre gem The Sound of Music

More Tennis Lessons, 1998

Guitar lessons 1999

Trinity Catholic Track Team (Long Jump, 100M Hurdles, 100M sprint) 1998-2000

Tackled by two tween-aged tiger cubs and felt the truth of what being prey means

1st Catholic School Demerit (for doing a single chin up on 7th grade classroom doorframe), 1999

Received Confirmation Rites, Christened with Self-selected Saint Name "Damian"

Ran track alongside Ernie Simms and Antonio Cromartie

AAU Junior Olympic Games, Track & Field, 4x100M Relay, Orlando, FL 2000

Took AP World History, AP Language, AP Bio, AP Chemistry, AP Macroeconomics, 2003

Leon Crew Women's Varsity Eight Stroke, Team Captain, 2001-2004

Totally lost sense of God, 2004

F School

Director's Guild of America Student Film Award, 2007 

Moved to NYC, 2008

Michael Haneke read and gave notes on feature screenplay, The Deserter, in German, on a plane to Vienna, 2010

Learned about the rat race at Smuggler, Creative Research Assistant to a Director (dude who made the talking baby spots) 2009-2014

Ghostwriting Treatments and Pitches 2009-present

Okinawan Ryu-go, 2010

Script-hawking in Cannes 2010, 2011

Applied to be Coen Brothers' assistant but then their assistant decided to not leave after-all. 

Heard from a mutual friend that Wes Anderson said one of my films reminded him of his yet-to-be-released film, Moonrise Kingdom, 2011

Went to Vietnam, considered moving there, 2012

Wrote Marblehead, and didn't finish Pensacola, FL

Re-discovered Yoga, 2013

Took a master class on feature script supervising from Martin Scorsese's long-time script supervisor, Martha. 

Script supervised a modern noir film shot on location in Buffalo, NY. 

Interactive Telecommunications Program 2014 - 

Designed, project managed a haptic bike navigation system, 2014

Built a "spacetime-perception box" for the head, 2015

Prototyped a pigeon-counter to celebrate pigeons, 2015

Created a plausible future scenario for the United States involving the disintegration of the poultry industry, and the ascendency of total automation , 2015

Started Semi and the New Church,   2015


Producing and project management (film, interactive, hardware, software, experience design)

NLE (Avid, FCP, Premiere)

Cine/photography & composition

Lighting and production design

Ink & Watercolor line drawings (miniature)  

Can run down the beach on all fours faster than you.  

Can ask my cat a specific question and determine to which part she understood/responded. 

Party & interaction design

Narrative and documentary writing and directions (short & long form)


TVC and interactive treatment-writing


Politics and Economics of the Scientific Method


Economic motivation discovery

Similarities between humans and nonhumans

Debunking the poorer concepts of time

Understanding electromagnetism "holistically," and not just "industro-scientifically"

Coining terms and joking with people about radical ideas. 

Educating myself and sorting concepts into linguistic and which are averbal. 

Temperate, slightly arid climactic zones with a mix of deciduous and coniferous flora, fresh water, littoral, and mountainous features.  No preference for avian, mammalian, reptilian proportions as long as arthropoda are not winning the war. 


Family histories

Social data

The power of love versus the love of power